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Entertainment program in Urbino: detailed, exclusive, personalized, which not only provides the classic visit to the main monuments, but a rich series of routes with landscape, historical, cultural, artistic, enogastronomic, quality shopping, antiques, but also the sea , mountains, cities and nearby villages, spas, historical re-enactments, sports.

Urbino can be visited in one, two, three or more days always with lively interest, whatever the season; ideal stay from three to seven days to fully enjoy the beauty of the city, its artistic and cultural content, the surrounding area that has no equal for diversity and beauty; a holiday in Urbino will allow you to rediscover yourself and restore your body and spirit.

Urbino is the Renaissance city par excellence; its contained dimensions, the state of perfect conservation, the skilful restorations, the brick walls that surround it and protect it from the cement make it a small "city shaped like a palace"; the ducal palace of Federico representing it is so large and majestic as to be a "city-shaped palace"; Urbino Città Ideal as Piero della Francesca wants; Urbino idol of uncontaminated beauty as Raphael wants; Urbino depositary of the style of the beautiful life of the courtiers as Baldassar Castiglione wants, but also prehistoric and Roman, medieval, baroque, gothic, nineteenth-century, liberty, modern and contemporary; all in a small precious casket.

Urbino renowned university campus for every age, capital of culture and education; Urbino young, Urbino of the students with whom one cohabits, if you want, in joy and lightheartedness.

Urbino with recurring art exhibitions involving thousands of people from around the world, Urbino and Renaissance music (first fortnight of July), Urbino and the streets of the cribs (from the second week of December), Urbino and the festival of kite (first weekend of September), Urbino and the party of the duke (mid-August), Urbino and the Palio dei Trampoli (mid-June).

Unforgettable itineraries outside Urbino: Pergola with its Roman bronzes, the mosaics of the Roman villa of Sant'Angelo in Vado, the Roman bridge and the Flaminia di Cagli and Cantiano, the fine sand and the pristine sea of ​​the Adriatic between Fano and Pesaro, Mount Nerone and Mount Catria, the plateau of Petrano; do not miss the prize of the frog and the nineteenth-century bicycle (Fermignano Sunday in Albis and September), the fair of the precious white truffle (Acqualagna, Pergola, Sant'angelo in Vado in November), the feast of the kite, the palio dei Trampoli and the Festa del Duca (Urbino September, June, August); the territory of Urbino is enriched by two renowned thermal stations reachable by car in about 30 minutes: Terme Pitinum in Macerata Feltria and Raffaello di Petriano spa; the caves of Frasassi, San Marino, Gradara and the Adriatic Sea are easily reachable

Food and wine: cappelletti and passatelli in broth, crescia sfogliata, caciotta, truffle, but also mushrooms, cured meats, honey, fossa cheese, the bianchello del Metauro and Vin Santo, the oil dop, the craft beers are the typical products that we advise you to taste in the places and in the most suitable ways; also all the Marche cuisine with its wines, from the sea to the mountains, will thrill you.

Purchases: prints and art ceramics, quality crafts, food and wine, designer clothing and accessories, antiques are at your disposal to satisfy the pleasure of shopping and enrich memories.

Motor activity and sport: in Urbino it is easy and enjoyable to walk or run through the streets of the Renaissance, the doors and the ancient walls are within everyone's reach; more demanding treks are available in the naturalistic contest outside the walls; for fans of the mountain bike there are numerous rewarding possibilities for excursions; it is possible to go horse riding, attend the gym, launch kites with their children and much more.


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