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    To see Urbino it takes at least two full days; to see the area around it, it takes another 3-4 days; ideal for seven days; recommended itinerary:

    1st day Classic Citizen

    2nd day Citizen of the day after

    3rd day The Furlo and the old Flaminia

    4th day Valle alta Metauro

    5th day The villages of the Metauro valley

    from the 6th day Pergola and the bronzes, Orciano and the dop oil, the fortifications of Giorgio Martini, San Marino, Gradara, Fano and Pesaro, the caves of Frasassi, etc.


    Classic Citizen (on foot, one day)

    Palazzo Ducale with the undergrounds and the Marche Art Gallery, Archaeological and Lapidary Museum, Birthplace and Monument to Raphael, Oratory of San Giovanni, Oratorio San Giuseppe, Nativity of Brandani, Cathedral, Diocesan Museum, ascent to the small tower (only Saturday); the first Sunday of each month free entry.


    Citizen of the day after (on foot, one day)

    Albornoz Fortress, Rampa di Giorgio Martini, La Data, Teatro Sanzio, the streets with stairs and alleys, the walls and the ancient gates, the Botanical Garden, the Urbino Museum of Science and Technology; Violin Making, Prints, Ceramics, Frames, Stella di Urbino, the crescia of Urbino, Piero Guidi, Terra Bio, wooden souvenirs, printed tablecloths.


    The Furlo and the old Flaminia (by car, one day)

    Furlo (Vespasiano Gallery, Furlo Park)

    Cagli (Mallio bridge, the Rocca, the Theater)

    Cantiano (Pontericcioli)

    Fossombrone (Parco Archeologico antica Forum Sempronii, Museo Archeologico Vernarecci).


    Valle Alta Metauro (by car, one day)

    Fermignano (bridge over the meturo, tower)

    Urbania (ducal palace, durantine ceramics, church of the dead, crostolo, barco ducale)

    Sant'angelo in Vado (Roman villa mosaics, truffles, church of San Filippo and Barocci)

    Mercatello Sul Metauro (church and museum of San Francesco, the Collegiata).

    The villages of the Metauro valley (by car, one day)

    Orciano, Barchi, Sorbolongo, Montemaggiore to the Metauro, Serrungarina, Saltara, Cartoceto, Sant'Ippolito, Montefelcino, Mondavio.


    The fortifications of Giorgio Martini (by car, one day)

    Urbino, Cagli, Frontone, Serra Sant'Abbondio, Mondavio, Mondolfo, San Costanzo, Sassocorvaro, San Leo.


    Orciano and the dop oil (by car, one day)

    Olive groves, oil mills, taverns and taverns, sanctuaries and museums.


    Pergola (by car, half day)

    Roman bronzes, churches, sour cherry wine.


    The streets of the Truffle (November, by car, half day)

    Acqualagna, Pergola, Sant'angelo in Vado.


    The thermal baths (by car, half day)

    Macerata Feltria, Petriano.



    Sacred Heart of Urbino, Hermitage of Fonte Avellana, Madonna del Pelingo, Blessed Sante Mombaroccio, Madonna delle Grazie Cartoceto, Basilica of Loreto.


    The Marche and beyond (by car, one day for each destination)

    San Marino, Gradara, San Leo and the fortress of Cagliostro

    Gola and Frasassi Caves

    Adriatic Sea

    Fano and Pesaro

    Cagli and Pergola

    Mount Petrano

    Mount Catria

    Mount Nerone

    Apecchio and craft beer

    Sasso Simone and Simoncello Park

    Park of San Bartolo


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